How would real customer insights inform and change your decisions?

With Mogean, your knowledge of your customers does not have to be limited to the business transactions you witness. Know more about your customers with Mogean's psychographic behavior profiles.


Mobile + Geospatial + Temporal + Analytics

Mogean (mō ‘jēən) passively connects businesses to real-life context about their customers. Our data science analysis is always working in the background to clarify Who to talk to, When and How to talk to them in a meaningful way that is relevant to actual behavior patterns.

We Have a Better Idea

Understand who the customer is based on where they ACTUALLY go, when they go there, the amount of time they spend, and frequency. We create actual insights versus inferred insights.

Passively create anonymous customer psychographic insights from mobile apps. Know how to stop spamming your customers and start talking to them like people with real needs and desires!


Data science transforms the offline anonymous mobile location data at massive scale. Understand your customers based on their shopping, dining, and entertainment preferences.


Become, and stay relevant - know the context of where and when to influence and engage customers in a meaningful way based on aligning with their actual lifestyle and behavior patterns.

If you could see where all your customers spend their time, and understand the behavior context associated with their normal patterns of life -- what decisions would you make, to build better engagement and drive your growth?



Be Your Own Amazon: Part 3

Our final “Becoming Your Own Amazon” blog post is here, as we provide some final thoughts on how to compete, and hopefully beat the Amazon giant. To start, if you haven’t read our Amazon Pt 2 blog post we recommend you do so before reading any further. We promise this blog will make a little...

Be Your Own Amazon: Part 2

…and we’re back, but now with full bellies, a spark of holiday spirit and the gratitude for friends, family and the fact that we work in a pretty kick-ass market, among pretty awesome people. The holiday buzz is all around, and clearly shopping and buying is on everyone’s mind. ‘Tis the season to test the...

Be Your Own Amazon: Part 1

I think we can all agree that no one needs another discussion about how dominating Amazon is, or how the company is drastically impacting the retail space – we’re past that. Instead, we’d like to spend the next couple of weeks talking about how Amazon does what they do, and more importantly, how everyone else...

Navigating Voice-Commanded Marketing Strategies

I almost hate to admit it, but the words “one second, I’ll ask Siri” spill out of my mouth far too often. Whether it’s become a daily mantra, or maybe just visceral reaction to the unknown – these words erupt out of my mouth whenever I feel like I should know “the answer.” Thanks to...

The Truth Is Not Overrated

  “Honesty is the best policy” – an age-old phrase that taught us to tell the truth no matter what the outcome may be. At some point over the years,  the core value of honesty has diminished, and a post-truth era has emerged. Post-truth: the idea that we are living in this era where people...

Consumers are Individuals, Not Sales

Traditionally, it is thought that the best marketers “know their personas.” These marketers take a group of millions of people and classify them into about three different profiles in order to personalize the message and reach their audience. Hold on… let’s back up for a second. Three groups for millions of people, how is that...

Lesson Startups Can Learn from Theranos

Elizabeth- We’ve never met. I am the CEO of a leading-edge tech startup. If you’ve spent any time around children, you know that sometimes the best teaching opportunities happen at the most unexpected times. So, thank you for the situation you have created. Thank you for having an ambitious and bold vision. As a CEO,...

Mobile Marketing Investments Grow Despite Information Gaps. Is It the Best We Can Do?

Is It the Best We Can Do? Marketers are gearing up to increase spending on social media advertising over the next year but they are not yet taking advantage of the transformational opportunities that digital technologies can deliver. In fact, recent reports indicate that 80 percent of industry executives plan to advertise on social channels....

Mogean CEO Matt Reilly Reflects on Lessons for Marketers from Brexit and the U.S. Elections

In What Brexit and the Election Can Teach Today’s Marketers published by, Mogean CEO Matt Reilly draws lessons from these high profile votes. Reilly notes that most pollsters got the outcomes wrong. He suggests that to “avoid misreading their audience,” marketers need to consider what most of us have heard many times: Actions speak...

Rear view of businessman with suitcase and diagrams on virtual panel
2017: Marketing Gets Technological Facelift

The rate of technological advancement has been staggering, growing exponentially over the last four decades. Even simple things, like regulating room temperature, have undergone tech-rich reinvention. Today, Nest brand thermostats and other such artificial intelligence devices can do the work for you, learning about their environment as they maintain ideal temperature levels with minimum energy...

Hand holding a mobile device showing a map overlay on the street
Advanced Location Terminology Guide for Marketers: A Mobile Data Lexicon

As location-based marketing gains traction, business owners across industries want to know how to use the technology to improve their business outcomes. But if you’re new to geomarketing, location data or big data in general, the terminology and acronyms can be a challenge. How can you choose the best options for your business if the...

Hurricane Matthew
Mogean Analyzes Matthew Evacuation Progress

With millions potentially impacted by Hurricane Matthew along the Southeastern U.S. coastline and traffic building along evacuation routes, Mogean is monitoring the evacuation progress. Mogean’s CEO Matt Reilly decided to undertake this effort as a public service in the hopes of providing those affected by the storm with useful information after his sister’s family was...

Co-founders of Coca-Cola's corporate mentorship program, The Bridge
Mogean Selected by Industry Leaders for Rare Opportunity

As one of the lucky few tech startups selected to participate in Coca-Cola’s project The Bridge: Atlanta, Mogean finds itself once again in the spotlight, generating greater awareness of and positive buzz about our company. In a recent post by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Nate Halsey, co-founder of Mogean, expresses his praise for the project...

Mogean's first CEO, Matt Reilly
After Yearlong Search, Mogean Hires First CEO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Atlanta, GA — After successfully delivering its first commercial-ready platform, the startup company Mogean has brought on Matt Reilly, with his more than 20 years of executive experience in business services and technology companies, to lead the company as its first CEO. Mogean, a mobile geolocation data company based in Atlanta, has...

Businessman and business sketch
Innovation Can Do More Than Improve Processes

If fully utilized, innovative technologies have huge potential. Many American companies, however, apply new technology simply to improve existing standards of operation. Some organizations that purport innovations are instead wasting technology to improve protocols that are already in use—leading to complex and expensive ways to retain clients. While client retention is important, fearlessly using new...

Engineer in data center
Data Hoarding Could Be Holding Your Company Back

Common household advice dictates that if you can’t remember the last time you wore an article of clothing, get rid of it. Similar wisdom can be applied to the big data overload many organizations experience. All kinds of companies use internal and external resources to collect as much data as they possibly can for a...

The FTC's $950,000 InMobi Decision: What it Means for the Rest of Us

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) spoke and the industry listened when the body handed down a ruling against mobile advertising company InMobi in June 2016. InMobi, who had been accused of violating customer privacy and employing disreputable location-data collection practices, was fined $950,000 and ordered to modify its practices moving forward. Given InMobi’s dominant position...

Accessing the ‘Dark Matter’ of the Consumer Universe

For centuries, scientists built theories and models of how the universe worked based solely on what they could see. Doing so was quite logical. After all, the scientific method, both then and now, requires both data and fact-based decision making. And so humans did the best they could to explain their surroundings based on what...

Men discussing content written on a whiteboard
Mogean Maps Humanity from Mobile Inactivity

We’re thrilled to announce that this week, Mogean received notable mention and exposure through a feature in Hypepotamus, an Atlanta-based news source company that aims to create awareness for startup companies, students, venture capitalists and innovators who are located in Atlanta. The post, titled “Mogean Maps Humanity from Mobile Inactivity,” showcases Mogean’s work in the...

Person at table with laptop writing notes on paper
A Primer on Geolocation Data

Advancements in the field of geolocation are on the rise. In fact, the capability to get accurate and timely location data has become the foundation for a vast and expanding software market in geolocation services. Knowing where and when consumers are doing certain things provides valuable intelligence to businesses. Companies can use that knowledge to...

Illuminated light bulb in a row of dim ones concept for creativi
Creating Innovation Through Failure

In order to build more profitable entrepreneurial ideas within an organization, executives and their managers must be willing to work through the process of trial and error, recognizing that this “error” (or failure) is a vital part of the creative cycle. A survey from Accenture Strategy shows that many employees believe their employer’s attitude toward...

Group of professionals looking at a window
Big Data to Boost Industrial Internet Strategy

Big data will change the way organizations advance their Industrial Internet Strategy, suggests the GE Industrial Internet Insights Report for 2015. Of the 250 executives surveyed, fewer than one-third are leveraging big data for predictive analytics or to inform business decisions. Though a majority of executives surveyed believe that big data will change the competitive...

young professionals having a conversation at work
Fostering Entrepreneurial Employees Starts with Employers

It’s a known fact that innovation spurs growth in the global economy. And to the benefit of corporations, statistics show that much of that innovation happens in-house as a result of the work of employees. Unfortunately, due to the lack of employee support and proper structure, some organizations experience major delays in those ideas being...

Mogean Selected for Coca-Cola-Led Program, The Bridge: Atlanta

It is with much excitement that we announce Mogean’s participation in The Bridge: Atlanta—a commercialization program designed to “bridge the gap” between local entrepreneurial communities and major global markets. Five renowned, Atlanta-based companies—Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), The Weather Company and Capgemini—have partnered to challenge startups like ours in five core areas: consumer engagement, consumer...

Mogean Will Attend National Restaurant Association Show 2016 in Chicago, IL

Mogean is excited to join thousands of attendees at the National Restaurant Association Show 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. The event is scheduled May 21 – 24. We’ll see you all in the Exhibit Hall.

Tech Tower Sign
Mogean Takes Home a CIC Win at Georgia Tech

Mogean won big in the Spring 2016 Convergence Innovation Competition (CIC). This win came thanks in large part to Brianna Przybysz Zajicek, Georgia Tech PhD and Lead Project Engineer for Mogean. Brianna and the Mogean team managed to earn an impressive first place in the “Connected Cars” category of this year’s competition by creating an...

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