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stop guessing. know more. fuel your cardholder intelligence.

fraud prevention

Unlocking the power of location data with patented mobile device technology and
"in real life" behaviors to reduce credit card fraud and false positives with one solution.
Recognized as a market leading product, MogeanLifeID, provides financial institutions
a single, frictionless solution to reduce fraud and false positives. Our leading-edge platform confirms that the time/place of transactions matches cardholders' known life patterns.
Location-based fraud detection—because you can't be in two places at one time.

For cardholders who have experienced a false positive, 
60% reduce their card usage.

Fraud losses are a growing problem with >$8B lost in 2015, elevating to >$12B by 2020.

46% of Americans have been victims of credit card fraud in the last five years.

Ramping up security causes more problems with $118B lost to false positives a year. 

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