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meet our leadership team

stop guessing. know more. fuel your consumer knowledge.

darryl mccaskill 


Darryl has 30+ years of business leadership, operations and information technology experience in Retail. He brings thought-leadership & strategic problem solving within the retail landscape to Mogean.




Drawing on his 20+ years of experience as the CFO of an international airport and a Strategy Consultant. Phoenix operates at the intersection of clients’ successes and corporate partnerships—driving client success while guiding
Mogean's growth.

matt reilly


Matt draws from 20+ years
of experience in executive roles
in Fortune 100 business services and tech companies. He's spent his career leading tech, strategy and management consulting  and advised C-level executives on strategic issues.  

nate halsey
Founder & CDO 

Founder & CDO

Nate brings 18+ years of engineering and enterprise marketing analytic solutions
to Mogean. He leads data solutions and product management to sustain the company's vision of solving clients' key business issues.

reid maulsby
Founder & CEO 

Founder & CEO

Reid brings 15+ years of enterprise data, engineering, implementation and solution design experience to Mogean. He leads the product vision
and is passionate about solving complex business problems.

mark davenport
Data Science Strategy

Data Science Strategy

Mark’s expertise lies at the intersection of signal processing, high-dimensional statistics and machine learning. He's not only
a key player in Mogean's design and product engineering, but also an Asst. Professor at Georgia
Tech's School of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

michael siegel


A CPA and attorney by training, Michael has 25+ years as
an auditor, investment banker and CFO.

stop guessing • know more 
fuel your consumer knowledge


The Bridge Atlanta
ATDC Signature
CIC Award Georgia Tech

our story

While working for one of the world's largest Consumer Packaged goods companies,
Nate and Reid saw an opportunity to close
a big missing gap and complete the full view of consumers with this new data set. 


Leaving their jobs as data analytics solution experts, they set out to create a data science platform that is capable of algorithmically identifying psychographic segments. These segments reveal patterns of life, better known
as consumer behaviors, that c
omplete the
360° view of consumers that was previously unknown.

Powered by its leading edge platform, Mogean fuels personalized marketing in today’s mobile communication world, at scale.

Nate, Reid and the rest of Mogean's leadership
team are excited and committed to shaping the future of consumer relationships by helping brands understand consumers as individuals.


The same question that sparked Nate and Reid's passion for Mogean is still part of conversations with clients today: If you could see a comprehensive view of your consumers by understanding their "in real life" behaviorswhere & when they shop and their daily commute patterns—what would you do with that consumer knowledge?

Only now that theoretical question is a reality and only through Mogean.

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