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places of interest services

adding POI context to your location data

Location data can be used to unlock the true value of a consumer. When companies use quality POI Services to maximize potential revenue opportunities, they need a partner who delivers the most advanced and accurate POI Services in the market that support regional and global scale.


Mogean’s focus on technology, investments and continuous improvements to our data science platform has enabled us to build the most reliable and scalable POI services in the world. We know where people spend money, from major brands to mom & pop shops, across all categories.

Our uniquely differentiated Places of Interest solution includes three major components:

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POI Data Sources

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POI Development Process

advanced data science

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POI Maintenance

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competitive advantages


Truth-sets are referenced to validate accuracy and consistency for defined venue name, address, and location coordinates



Advanced proprietary
machine-learning and
data science techniques

  - POI venue geohash tagging  

  - Array of lat/long coordinates that
    define outer geohash perimeter


Able to scale POI venue polygon
and metadata capabilities to multiple countries in less than eight weeks. Canada and Mexico are available for complete North American coverage.

Mogean POI capabilities stand out from the rest of the market because of three Key Differentiators

accuracy  •   coverage  •   scalability

Self reported accuracy of POI venue metadata in a method that can be replicated and verified

Largest number of POI venues
mapped per country with polygons

New region POI venues can be
established in less than eight weeks

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