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mogean verified panels

In an ideal world, an individual would use the same location-based app 15–20 times a day, everyday during a month.

But that doesn't happen.

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In reality, an individual only uses a single location-based app 1–2 times a week, 4–6 times a month.

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So how does Mogean create the visibility we need?

We pull together inputs from several hundred partner apps and stitch the visibility together across the apps for each device.
We now have device visibility that includes events for multiple times a day, and many more days of the month.  
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competitive advantages

#1: Mogean's Verified Panels - The MVPs


With 160MM+ MAUs, the data is “noisy”

Consistency and the value of data sources are at risk



The MVPs
top devices gathered from MAUs in order to provide the most consistent and highest quality data to clients.

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#2: Data Sources

Device data is sourced from a network of consumer facing mobile apps with SDKs.

Data is captured for end users that opt-in to share their location data. Each leverages smartphone GPS location services.


mobile apps



smartphone GPS location

Data source from a range of mobile app categories

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