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Mogean's Senior Leadership Changes

Phoenix Calandrella named as new Chief Revenue Officer, with Nate Halsey elevated to Chief Data Officer.

Phoenix's experience in startups that focus on tech-enabled B2B services has laid a solid foundation for his vast understanding of the key business issues that drive success for our customers. Phoenix has been focused on Mogean’s strategic development, key customer relationships and fueling the company’s growth since joining in early 2017. In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, he will be able to leverage his diverse set of skills and expertise to lead business growth strategies that mutually benefit Mogean and our clients.

With Nate's new role as Chief Data Officer, and as one of Mogean's two CoFounders, he will be able to focus his efforts on leading location-based data science-driven solutions. His ability to intuitively understand customer needs and deliver solutions that are tailored to improve customer loyalty are what drive his passion for the company.


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