Navigating Voice-Commanded Marketing Strategies

Navigating Voice-Commanded Marketing Strategies

Posted by Mogean | September 25, 2017 | Artificial Intelligence, Brands, Innovation, Marketing, Mobile

I almost hate to admit it, but the words “one second, I’ll ask Siri” spill out of my mouth far too often. Whether it’s become a daily mantra, or maybe just visceral reaction to the unknown – these words erupt out of my mouth whenever I feel like I should know “the answer.” Thanks to Siri (America’s most loyal friend) and many other online resources like it, information is instantly accessible at our fingertips. What’s the weather like outside? When’s the next solar eclipse? Who’s that handsome actor in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Don’t worry- there’s no ask too big or too small, that Siri can’t answer.   

Artificial intelligence is all around us. Voice-based technologies, like Siri, have especially taken the industry by storm, creating a new precedent in the marketing world. That said, voice search is expected to be a big player in the future of content advertising. According to Northstar Research, over half of US teens and 41% of adults are using voice search on a daily basis. With numbers only increasing, now is the time for marketers to make an early jump on voice-based marketing strategies. So how are marketers utilizing voice-based technologies to raise to the top? Let’s ask Siri!

Me: “Hey Siri, what’s the best restaurant in my area?”  

Siri: “The highest rated restaurant is Egg Harbor Cafe. Does that one sound good?”

Yes, I do love that restaurant. Great recommendation, Siri! As I conducted this search, I noticed something very interesting: Siri automatically used my location and referred to Yelp to pick the highest rated spot nearby. This also meant that user generated data, like Yelp, played an important role to the search. I was interested to see if someone else’s phone would recommend the same, so asked a friend to bother Siri with my same question. The results were identical, which was a little disappointing but expected.

Surprisingly enough, many marketers have found themselves unprepared for this new phenomenon of vocal search. In fact, it was found that out of 250 top marketing companies roughly 66% of marketers lacked specific strategies aimed at voice-based technologies. So how can you assure that your product raises to the top?

When creating marketing plans for AI technology like Siri, we know that effective SEO and positioning is key. We will see more and more marketers use long-tailed keyword searches in a conversational tone to help make their product shine. It is also important to remember that geolocation is directly tied into voice search, as my small Siri experiment proved. With that in mind, brands should keep their name, address and phone number up to date so their businesses can be better seen, until innovation is made in the voice search algorithm.

With voice-commanded technologies, there’s a huge opportunity for marketers to take an early edge in the voice-based technology space. With the changing times it’s important to understand how to optimize content for voice searches.When considering your strategies, get creative by really targeting your audience, staying true to your product and honing in on your strengths. But for now, you deserve a nice meal. Go ahead, ask Siri!

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