The Truth Is Not Overrated

The Truth Is Not Overrated

Posted by Mogean | April 18, 2017 | Brands, Customer Intelligence, Innovation, Marketing


“Honesty is the best policy” – an age-old phrase that taught us to tell the truth no matter what the outcome may be. At some point over the years,  the core value of honesty has diminished, and a post-truth era has emerged.

Post-truth: the idea that we are living in this era where people care more about emotional appeal than the truth. With the recent presidential election and Brexit vote, this idea doesn’t seem too crazy.

As marketers, we have to find a way to overcome this era. Unlike politicians, we can’t say whatever we want. We have to follow certain regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission, but not only do we have to follow regulations, we have to be a brand that our consumers can trust. We want to be the brand that has heavy users and a loyal consumer base, and the moment a brand succumbs to enhancing the emotional appeal and hiding the facts is the moment a brand becomes untrustworthy.  

It gets to a point where marketers have to decide how they want to stay honest in a “truth-challenged environment.” While easier said than done, one of the best ways to stay honest is by remembering what’s important to your brand.

First, think of your customers. Technology is continuously evolving and creating ways to zero in on your target audience by learning how they actually live their lives. Utilize 1:1 marketing to help your brand reach your consumers on a personal level. These marketing techniques will help your brand stay relevant and show your customers that you care about their needs.

Second, remember what makes your brand special. What differentiates you from the competitors? You will be able to create a better following by being true to your brand while reminding consumers why your brand, product, etc. is superior to others.

So yes, we are in a post-truth era, and yes, it seems that we will stay in this post-truth era for some time to come. By staying true to your brand and always remembering “honesty is the best policy,” you will  be able to overcome this post-truth era.

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