The Next Evolution of Customer Data

Uncovering the Secret Habits of Buyers

Inside this white paper…

Discover how using mobile geolocation data bridges the limitations of point-of-sale data, on- and off-site browsing data, and third-party data.

Explore a new method of data creation that provides contextual customer data allows businesses to make sense of big data in ways that were once impossible.

Learn how businesses can build complete customer profiles to better understand, predict and influence future customer behavior.

Collecting information about customers is easier than ever. Every time a customer purchases something, browses the web or even clicks on a news article, this opens the door for businesses to gather that data, and make use of it in ways that can transform their opportunities and successes. Between data points like point-of-sale information and subscription data, and more complex knowledge obtained from cookies and data brokers, companies can easily discover a plethora of information about their customer bases.

But what if it isn’t quite enough?

The fact is that although conventional methods of data collection do a great job of providing information that could help companies better target customers, they provide only action-oriented information. Customers have to click, buy or perform some other sort of observable action that companies must then properly analyze that data.

Since Americans spend only about a third of their waking hours actively using a computer and/or mobile device, it’s imperative that marketers begin to observe customer behavior that takes place when customers aren’t actively using their devices to get a complete picture of their buying habits.

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