Our Mission

Our Mission.

For our clients: Mogean is built to be a distinctive competitive advantage for companies in the Retail, Consumer, Financial Services and Sports & Entertainment industries.  We are mapmakers for Marketing and business leaders - helping them visualize their customers’ patterns of life to map exactly who their customers are based on actual behaviors when they are not interacting with the business. Mogean’s passive, ambient technology clarifies who, when, and where customers are physically and demographically.  We are successful when our clients have a  better understanding and therefore a richer relationship and engagement with their consumers.

We achieve that success by continuously creating and analyzing mobile data for our clients, delivering insights that inform their customer engagement. Watch to learn how Mogean works with clients to bring dark data into the light so companies can gain the context they need to become more relevant.

For consumers: Through our innovative technology and platform, we create value for consumers everywhere, including ourselves.  Passively creating lifestyle and behavior intelligence based on everyday patterns of life enables technology to seamlessly work for people instead of requiring people to work to attain the benefits of technology.  Without requiring more information from us as consumers, Consumer, Retail, Financial Services and Sporting & Entertainment companies engage with us in a relevant dialogue based on understanding who we really are.  Our business clients create meaningful experiences without the unnecessary spam that fills email boxes and mobile device screens with junk.

For our colleagues at Mogean: We work in an environment that is centered around service to others. Our clients first, and then colleagues, families & friends.  Our founding team is building Mogean through great personal and professional sacrifices, with the belief that it is as important to work with great people with shared beliefs, as it is to do great and meaningful work.  We truly believe we are creating something that will change how companies understand their consumers and how consumers can interact with brands they trust.  Our future success is rooted in a vision of the world as a better place through technology while simultaneously removing the need for people to work harder at technology to realize it’s full potential: technology works for us, not the other way around.