Mogean Selected by Industry Leaders for Rare Opportunity

Mogean Selected by Industry Leaders for Rare Opportunity

Posted by Mogean | August 18, 2016 | Innovation, Press
Co-founders of Coca-Cola's corporate mentorship program, The Bridge

As one of the lucky few tech startups selected to participate in Coca-Cola’s project The Bridge: Atlanta, Mogean finds itself once again in the spotlight, generating greater awareness of and positive buzz about our company. In a recent post by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Nate Halsey, co-founder of Mogean, expresses his praise for the project and speaks about its transformative potential for Atlanta-based enterprises like his own.

Founded by Coca-Cola, The Bridge: Atlanta is a commercialization program in which the Atlanta-based beverage company—along with industry leaders Capgemini, Cox Enterprises, Intercontinental Hotel Group and The Weather Company—aims to “bridge” the gap between startup companies and well-established ones like their own in mutually beneficial ways. The sponsor companies open their doors to highly innovative entrepreneurs and startups, providing personal mentoring and access to their own extensive contacts and resources—all at zero cost to the younger companies. In exchange, the startups are asked to offer candid feedback and innovative solutions to challenges the sponsoring companies are facing. It’s a win-win situation: newcomers gain unparalleled opportunity while older companies gain fresh perspective and an eye to the future.

Read the full article by the Metro Atlanta Chamber here to discover the many ways that The Bridge: Atlanta project is designed to both learn from and benefit companies like ours.

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