Fostering Entrepreneurial Employees Starts with Employers

Fostering Entrepreneurial Employees Starts with Employers

Posted by Mogean | June 8, 2016 | Culture, Innovation
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It’s a known fact that innovation spurs growth in the global economy. And to the benefit of corporations, statistics show that much of that innovation happens in-house as a result of the work of employees. Unfortunately, due to the lack of employee support and proper structure, some organizations experience major delays in those ideas being brought to fruition.

A report from Accenture Strategy suggests that a major factor in implementing a strategy to build new, profitable ideas is a willingness among employers to build a collaborative approach to entrepreneurialism.

Of the employees surveyed, 52 percent have pursued entrepreneurial endeavors at work, and 72 percent say their employer was supportive in the implementation. However, 36 percent of the employees surveyed said their jobs keep them too busy to create new ideas. Another 20 percent say they don’t feel managerial support in presenting new ideas.

Through four key points, employers may be able to able to support entrepreneurial thinking among employees. These points include offering incentives for creating new, profitable ideas, and setting targets to reach company goals.
Read the full article on how to boost entrepreneurial activity in your employees here, from our own Matt Reilly.


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