Posted by Mogean | 04 December 2017

…and we’re back, but now with full bellies, a spark of holiday spirit and the gratitude for friends, family and the fact that we work in a pretty kick-ass market,...

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Posted by Mogean | 16 November 2017

I think we can all agree that no one needs another discussion about how dominating Amazon is, or how the company is drastically impacting the retail space – we’re past...

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Posted by Mogean | 25 September 2017

I almost hate to admit it, but the words “one second, I’ll ask Siri” spill out of my mouth far too often. Whether it’s become a daily mantra, or maybe...

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Posted by Mogean | 18 April 2017

  “Honesty is the best policy” – an age-old phrase that taught us to tell the truth no matter what the outcome may be. At some point over the years,...

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Posted by Mogean | 28 March 2017

Traditionally, it is thought that the best marketers “know their personas.” These marketers take a group of millions of people and classify them into about three different profiles in order...

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Rear view of businessman with suitcase and diagrams on virtual panel
Posted by Mogean | 24 October 2016

The rate of technological advancement has been staggering, growing exponentially over the last four decades. Even simple things, like regulating room temperature, have undergone tech-rich reinvention. Today, Nest brand thermostats...

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Hand holding a mobile device showing a map overlay on the street
Posted by Mogean | 19 October 2016

As location-based marketing gains traction, business owners across industries want to know how to use the technology to improve their business outcomes. But if you’re new to geomarketing, location data...

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Hurricane Matthew
Posted by Mogean | 08 October 2016

With millions potentially impacted by Hurricane Matthew along the Southeastern U.S. coastline and traffic building along evacuation routes, Mogean is monitoring the evacuation progress. Mogean’s CEO Matt Reilly decided to...

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Co-founders of Coca-Cola's corporate mentorship program, The Bridge
Posted by Mogean | 18 August 2016

As one of the lucky few tech startups selected to participate in Coca-Cola’s project The Bridge: Atlanta, Mogean finds itself once again in the spotlight, generating greater awareness of and...

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Mogean's first CEO, Matt Reilly
Posted by Mogean | 15 August 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Atlanta, GA — After successfully delivering its first commercial-ready platform, the startup company Mogean has brought on Matt Reilly, with his more than 20 years of executive...

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